Why Am I Asking For Donations?

I've been creating and providing the monthly Privacy Professor Tips for free since 2007 for three primary reasons; to:

  1. Provide organizations and individuals with an awareness communication, written in a non-techie and non-legalese manner, that they can share with their employees, friends and family to help them better understand information security and privacy topics.
  2. Provide organizations a way to support their awareness efforts with impactful monthly messages that they may not have enough in the budget to cover if they had to purchase such communications.
  3. Raise the awareness of information security and privacy topics for the general public, written using terms found in news and public broadcasts for which they are familiar.

I started my providing my Data Security & Privacy radio show in the first quarter of 2018, after receiving many requests to do something like this from clients, Tips readers, and those who had seen my spots on CW Iowa Live morning TV shows. The reasons I decided to invest time and money to do this show are many, but the primary reasons include:

  1. To provide in-depth discussion experts about current information security, privacy and compliance related topics to help information assurance professionals with keeping current on such topics.
  2. To provide information and advice to the general public who want to know more about current topics for which they are concerned, but that are not generally discussed on mainstream media.
  3. To provide a type of education that many listeners are using to fulfill their continuing professional education credit requirements.

If you find my Tips and radio show valuable, and/or appreciate what is a significant amount of time and money it takes to produce these security and privacy news outlets on a continuous basis, please consider donating to help cover the costs of these information resources that are provided for free to all readers and listeners. I want to continue providing these free resources, but I can definitely use your help.

Thank you!

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