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Online Information Security and Privacy Training Modules - COMING SOON!           
Online Information Security & Privacy Training Modules

In 2009 I will release a library of online information security and privacy modules consisting of the following topics:
  1. Social Engineering: Don't Get Scammed!  (Available now!  Click here to see more.)              Download Module Description   
  2. Protecting Information Where You Work (basic information security for all employees)
  3. Privacy Principles (foundations of privacy protection for both customer and employee information)
  4. Social Networking: Be Aware of the Dangers! (the threats of using social networking sites and how to stay safe)
  5. Defend Against Dangerous Computer Code (discussion and examples of malware)
  6. Passwords: The Key To Your Information! (password guidelines)
  7. Avoid Messaging Pitfalls (email, instant messaging and texting privacy and security)
  8. Don't Throw Away Your Privacy! (how to securely dispose of confidential information)
  9. Back It Up...Or Risk Losing It! (why it is important to make backups)
  10. Staying Secure While Mobile (mobile computing security and privacy)
  11. Physically Secure Information (physical security for information security & privacy)

Each online training module:
  • Helps personnel to identify, prevent and react to information security and privacy threats to the organization to
protect against identity theft, privacy breaches and other information security incidents.
  • Effectively communicates key information security and privacy issues in just 10 - 15 minutes.
  • Engages personnel in critical thinking and decision-making; it does not just feed them information and then ask
them to regurgitate the answers in a simplistic quiz as most training modules do.
  • Establishes metrics to show where awareness vulnerabilities exist within the workforce.
  • Provides personnel with pointers to policies and other additional information that supports effective learning.  

Scores are broken down into three ranges, showing if the participant is proficient, competent, or a novice with regard
to understanding key information security and privacy issues.  Numerous references to additional information are
also provided to the participants.  Organizations can also include links to their information security and privacy
policies within the module.  

The resulting data will provide your organization with data showing how well your workforce is prepared to deal with
privacy issues and safeguard information.

    These training modules also help organizations meet compliance with a wide range of legal training
    requirements.  For example, in response to new Federal Guidelines, organizations dealing with
    personally identifiable information (PII) must train employees to identify, prevent and react to social
    engineering threats to the organization to protect against identity theft, privacy breaches and other
    information security incidents.  HIPAA, GLBA, SOX and many other laws and regulations also require
    personnel to receive information security and privacy training.

Designed for all levels of personnel, including entry level, managers, and executives across the organization.

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