Protecting Information Quarterly Newsletter
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  • Customizable to incorporate your company name and supporting
  • Ready-to-send with no changes necessary
  • A school version ready-to-send with school name branding provided

The price is based upon how many personnel (employees + contracted
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My product is more effective, has more benefits and is less expensive than any other comparable
subscription information security and/or privacy awareness newsletter product out there!

I'm ready to buy!  The cost for this product is based upon how many total personnel you have in your
organization, including the number of your contracted and temporary workers.  Please supply this number for
a quote specific to your organization.  See the product pricing here.

Benefits of Protecting Information
  • Supports regulatory and legal training and awareness requirements.
  • Effectively educates all employees on information security and privacy principles using real-world  
    examples relevant to personnel and their families.
  • Ensures that your message reaches the most people by using a variety of learning styles and formats.
  • Enhances existing education and awareness programs by easily integrating your own branding and
  • Establishes metrics to verify the effectiveness of your awareness efforts.
  • Provides a cost-effective method for ensuring compliance with state, federal and international privacy,   
    data protection and security laws, regulations and standards.
  • Is easy to distribute the privacy and security messages using a flexible electronic format in Word, PDF    
    and HTML.
  • Allows personnel or students can print and take home to share with their family members to help protect
    their own family information.

Protecting Information is published four times a year and includes:

  • Featured Article - A featured article that addresses both security and privacy topics that not only        
    impact your organization, but also impact your employees outside the workplace.
  • Youth View - A special article written by a teenager discussing security and privacy issues from his or    
    her point of view, demonstrating to personnel how the featured topic applies outside the workplace          
    and to their own family members.
  • Terms You Should Know - A set of information security and privacy terms related to the featured topic.
  • Real-world Cases - Examples of data security or privacy breaches in real companies and what your    
    organization can learn from them.
  • Educational Review - Related educational activities that will engage the reader, reinforce the featured
    topic, and provide valuable metrics for use in information security and privacy program evaluation.
  • Podcast - An MP3 audio file of the featured article that addresses audio learning styles and enables    
    your  employees to listen whenever they can on their iPod or other MP3 player.
  • Company View - A placeholder article with a customized message from company executives     
    discussion the featured topic, encouraging employees to engage company personnel in the security        
    and privacy dialog.  If you purchase the ready-to-go version or the school version, this article will             
    have my by-line.

I'm ready to buy!  The cost for this product is based upon how many total personnel you have in your
organization, including the number of your contracted and temporary workers.  Please supply this number for
a quote specific to your organization.  See the product pricing here.

Professional Advice with Measurable Results
Each issue of Protecting Information is accompanied by the Awareness Advisor which contains practical,
time-saving advice for information security, privacy and compliance practitioners.

The Awareness Advisor acts as your personal information security privacy and compliance consultant,
providing tips and techniques for enhancing not only your awareness program, but your entire information
security program. Each
Awareness Advisor includes:

  • Additional awareness activities that will enhance the educational impact of each issue and allow               
    you to create metrics that measure the real effectiveness of your awareness program.
  • Tips and guidance on how to make effective use of each newsletter, including advice on how to       
    integrate the Review activities into your existing programs.
  • Customization tips to reinforce your own internal policies and procedures.
  • Techniques for creating metrics that will demonstrate due-diligence and help compliance with security     
    and privacy educational requirements.

Educate personnel or students on the latest threats
Imagine providing consistent, quality security and privacy awareness that appeals to your entire
organization for less, and usually significantly less, than the cost of any other comparable newsletters.
Protecting Information is a new quarterly security and privacy awareness newsletter that you can easily
customize and distribute to your entire organization.

More value to a wider audience
Protecting Information goes well beyond traditional newsletters, providing audio files and interactive
exercises to engage your personnel and help them truly understand security and privacy concepts.
Protecting Information is designed to integrate with your existing awareness programs and comes
with time-saving advice based upon my over two decades of experience coupled with my education
degrees and solid, proven learning methodologies.

I'm ready to buy!  The cost for this product is based upon how many total personnel you have in your
organization, including the number of your contracted and temporary workers.  Please supply this number
a quote specific to your organization.  See the product pricing here.

Some More Information I'd Like For You To Know…

If you are not yet convinced, I want to provide you with a bit more information!

Protecting Information quarterly multi-media awareness newsletter helps personnel better understand
information security and privacy issues and incorporate them into their every day work activities, along with
their home activities.  The topics I cover, in addition to how I write them to be applicable for all levels of
personnel, and all types of learners, also help to measurably increase your personnel's information security
and privacy awareness and understanding.

My quarterly newsletter is different in many ways from the other information security and privacy newsletters
that are offered…
  1. It is much better at raising the awareness of ALL personnel throughout the enterprise. I have had many people who used to subscribe to another known newsletter state that it is written for readers who already have knowledge and understanding of information security concepts. I am writing my awareness product, Protecting Information, to speak to the average worker, to help each to understand the issues as it relates to him or her, using their own terminology.
  2. My newsletter covers both information security and privacy, not just information security.
  3. This quarterly subscription package is composed of three primary components:
    • A "newsletter" type of resource, Protecting Information, targeted to all personnel. Besides targeting the visual learners, it will have activities to also target the hands-on learners. The variety of information will be more reader-friendly than the other awareness newsletters I've seen, plus I am including a unique feature to apply to employees' entire families; something to show them that security and privacy issues are something they must be concerned with not only at work, but also throughout their daily life situations.
    • I also provide a separate, instructive and consultative, document with each quarterly issue "Awareness Advisor," to provide awareness tips, tools and advice to the CISO/info sec leader and CPO/privacy leader subscribers. Within each Awareness Advisor I also provide instruction or how to measure the effectiveness, in many different ways, of the newsletter for raising the awareness of personnel.
    • An MP3 audio file of the feature article to reach the audio learners. This can easily be downloaded onto iPods and other MP3 players for personnel to listen to during their commutes, while exercising, during meetings to then discuss, etc.
  4. Within each issue I include an article written by a teen to provide a teen's perspective of various issues that impact each employee's family. The information provided in the newsletter is written and provided in such a way that employees can, and should be encouraged to, take it home and discuss with their own families to help protect their own family computers and information. The teen article is something with which everyone in employee's families can relate. This helps to show your personnel that by doing information security and privacy practices they are not only helping your organization, they are also helping to protect their own families and home situations.
  5. My awareness product truly does speak to ALL personnel at ALL levels of an organization, using terminology understandable by non-security folks, and incorporating my experience and background in education to use the proven concepts that must be utilized to effectively communicate to all three types of learners:
    • Visual (this is typically the only group current awareness products speak to)
    • Audio (those who learn best by listening to information)
    • Kinesthetic (hands-on learners; those who need to do activities to learn)
  6. Protecting Information is customizable by the companies who subscribe to it. I provide suggestions throughout the Word version of each issue for how the CISO/CPO/etc. subscriber can make changes to make it his or her own.
I'd love to tell you more; let me know if I can give you any more information!

I'm ready to buy!  The cost for this product is based upon how many total personnel you have in your
organization, including the number of your contracted and temporary workers.  Please supply this number for

a quote specific to your organization
.  See the product pricing here.

Special pricing is provided for schools.  For this quote, please provide the number of students in your
school, or district if you want to purchase for district-wide use.

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