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NEW: 9/5/2020 – Surveillance Pandemic: How Tech Giants Collect & Use Personal Data for Profiling & Huge Profits

Since 2018 Rebecca has invited many tech giants to explain if and how they are collecting and selling personal data to govt and other entities to profile and target subsets of populations while making huge profits. For example, one tech company reportedly made over $1.6 billion from the US federal government from 2017 – 2019. No tech company has accepted the invitations. However, Mijente, which has performed significant research into tech surveillance activities, agreed to answer questions such as: How widespread is the collection of everyone's personal data? What companies are providing personal data to the tech organizations? Why don’t the data sources notify the general population about all the entities to whom everyone’s data is being shared and used? How is tech being used to surveil and monitor specific populations? How have people been harmed by resulting actions from surveillance of personal data? Hear Rebecca discuss these questions and more with Jacinta González from Mijente.


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